Welcome to Lifetime Wellness Chiropractic

We want you to live a better, healthier, pain-free life. Movement is a part of our everyday lives and when you can’t move without pain, you can’t live your life.

The goal of Chiropractic is to restore and maintain balance of your body’s best self. We serve the community with the highest standard of Chiropractic healthcare in a professional environment with a philosophy based on treatment of the whole person through chiropractic adjustment, nutrition, injury rehabilitation, and wellness education.

We are committed to treat each individual with the best care so you can learn how to maximize the health benefits of Chiropractic, beyond just becoming pain-free after an injury.

Lifetime Wellness is dedicated to serving the community and we are always available to give lectures on health, nutrition, exercise and wellness plans for any group or employer.

Our spinal analysis and care plan is both individualized and personalized. It incorporates both soft tissue tonal and specific segmental vertebral adjusting that includes static palpation, motion palpation and radiographic analysis, along with a precision drop table, instrument adjusting, gonstead, toggle-recoil and updated specific segmental diversified techniques that have been the foundation in spinal care.